Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Early Easter Bunny?

Is this the Easter Bunny paying an early visit? No sign of eggs though. I looked out this morning and there was a beautiful white rabbit on the grass. I rushed to ask the neighbours if they knew anything about a lost pet but they didn't.
No way out here. Then it hopped away and I haven't seen it since. After the heavy rain and near evacuation panic of 2 weeks ago I thought I should have a second cat carrier for emergencies. I bought this one at the markets but Charlotte has had enough of my second hand market bargains and has made it plain, emergencies or not, she won't go in it.

Never one to make a fuss my sweet little Emily said she will travel in it. Thank you Emily, like me you appreciate a bargain. Working hard on William and Kate. I hate to leave faces unfinished so must finish Kate's before I leave for the Wedding. The countdown is on, I fly out 3 weeks from today. I loved this book and sorry when I finished it today. Nella Last wrote for the Mass Obsevation project in Britain in the 1940's and 50's and this is her 3rd book from that project. She lived a very ordinary life but that makes it all the more fascinating as she writes about her day to day life including meals and prices. I think there are no ordinary lives and everyone has a story to tell and Nella tells her story well. I bought the book from Amazon.


  1. A white rapid in your garden ! I hope it found his way home again ! The cat carrier is beautiful, maybe Charlotte finds it a bit too small. Yes the countdown starts. It's a pity that you can't change your ticket.

  2. The Easter Bunny is just checking where you live.
    Do you think Emily would like to come to London with you? She looks ready.
    Nella Last sounds interesting.

  3. Beautiful rabbit! And big. Great stitching. I have a piece waiting that I will stitch while watching the wedding. Then I will leave a few hours later for a 6 hour drive to my class reunion. Rather be in London--my most favorite city!

  4. You must be a super fast stitcher, Sylvia! You're going great guns on the wedding portrait - looks fabulous already. Emily looks so cute in the carrier. I've not seen one like that before. It looks much more comfortable than the usual plastic boxes.

  5. Glad to be here, lovely blog, Sylvia!
    Cute early bunny and I love that cat-transporter.
    You are in thousand things, specially with your trip no so far away. Enjoy every bit of it.
    A hug,

  6. What a cute rabbit, Sylvia !
    You did a great job with the stitching,
    3 weeks ... how exciting !
    Oh my, cats ... at least Emily appreciates the carrier.

  7. Such a cute little Easter bunny! That's a very good idea to get a second carrier ~ hopefully you will never have to use it for emergencies!

    I am sure you are getting very excited with the Royal Wedding getting closer!

    Happy Weekend!
    xo Catherine