Friday, March 19, 2010

Sydney Harbour Bridge Anniversary

Today Sydney Harbour Bridge is 78years old and I,m sure everyone knows what the bridge looks like so I am only showing souvenirs, most from that famous day in 1932. Two small bridge doilies, the top one belonged to my mother.
A small sweet dish with bridge handle. A friend's mother had one of these and I eventually found one for myself in an antique shop.

I'm sure there were lots of aprons, doileys etc with bridge motif around in 1932 and the apron above has had a lot of use.

A never worn apron I have shown on an earlier post but thought it worth another showing on THE day.

Above a slightly different design on this never worked apron.

A cushion and doiley.

A souvenir plate from the 50th anniversary. The bridge was closed to traffic on this day and thousands of people including me walked over it.

75th Anniversary plate. Old photo of course, now there is a tunnel under the harbour, the Opera house has been built and a poular tourist attraction is a bridge climb to the top of the arch.

Bridge souvenir china from 1932.
The big scandal of the opening day in 1932. Jack Lang, Premier of N.S.W was about to cut the opening ribbon when Captain Francis De Groot of the New Guard rode up on a horse and slashed the ribbon with his sword.
De Groot believed a member of the Royal family should open the bridge.
The ribbon was hastily tied together so it could be then cut with scissors.
Wish I'd been there on that exciting day. Anyone wanting to know more about the day can find all on Google.
De Groot was arrested and it was hoped he could be proved insane but he was quietly released a few days later.


  1. I like the collection. Good story about De Groot.

  2. Wonderful collection of Sydney harbour bridge photographs.. I like your blog too.Have a great weekend!
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  3. Can't believe it ! Is that bridge so old already ! still looks so modern.
    I found an English shop in Brussels, I really felt like in a store in London ! All the same products I loved to buy when I was there. I took pictures of this store, it looks like a manor. Amazing ! If you want to see it it's on my Writer Cramps blog today.
    PS. I also bought delicious scones and sauce for Chili con Carne, lol !

  4. Those are great Bridge anniversary souvenirs!
    Thanks for sharing your collection!

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