Saturday, March 6, 2010

Princess Diana and Cat handbag collection

A post devoted to my handbag collection, the Diana bag above is my favourite and was bought at a local bag shop and is the only Diana bag I have used and that was only twice I think.
The Lady Catrina bag has lots of beads, sequins and rhinestones and I love sparkly things. All my cat bags are my everyday bags and get lots of use.

Above is my alltime favourite cat bag, it's had lots of use and now slightly shabby but will never be disposed of.
I was with my daughter when I saw it in a shop and my daughter bought it for me. I think she was afraid I was about to have a tantrum and not leave the shop without the bag. Lots of sparkly bits and beads on the front of the bag.

Only Diana bag bought on ebay this one has a bit of a crease where it was folded for post but I do like the picture on this one.

Three bags above are all Laurel Burch design bags. Some of her bags come with a little wooden cat shape to hang on the bag. Have discovered a local shop which stocks her cat bags and I try not to visit too often.

My least favourite Diana bag as I don't like her hairstyle on this one, it was bought new at a local market.
I know there are more Princess Diana bags out there somewhere so I continue to look. As for cat bags, lots out there and I try hard not to buy them all.


  1. Love the bags ! they are gorgeous ! especially the cat bags ! I have never seen such here ! They are so cute !
    Thank you for your kind words for Lisa.

  2. WHAT??? Cats AND purses ~ together?? Well I'm sorry...but life just doesn't get much better then that! :)

  3. Well, you can never have too many handbags!

  4. Sylvia, I think your first Diana bag is beautiful but your Lady Catrina bag is just georgeous.
    The e-bay one is lovely.
    Like you I like the last one least - I think it is the body language.