Friday, March 12, 2010

Cats and more Cats

Charlotte wanting to help with the washing.
Emily NOT wanting to help with the washing.

Cousin Ribby ready to go visiting.

Ribby preparing for a visit from Cousin Ribby.

Cat drinking milk bought with my pocket money when I was about 12years old.

Cat salt and pepper sets.

Small cat teapot with fish for spout.


  1. Cute cat collection! I could do with some laundry help if Charlotte is available, perhaps she could help me find the bottom of the pile.

    And then I could relax with a nice cup of tea from that sweet little cat teapot.

  2. So many wonderful kitties you have. Where do I get a kitty that helps with the laundry ~ I really like that one! :)

  3. Charming photos of Charlotte and Emily...and some interesting kitty ornaments you have there. Never thought of snapping mine to post on my blog; you do come up with some nice ideas, Sylvia!