Sunday, March 14, 2010

Doll Club Win

Well Done Ted!! Second prize in 'Bear Wearing Green' section at Doll club yesterday. I think it was the stunning bow on your head and matching green sash that stole the show. Told you no one would notice the blue underwear you were wearing.
As it is St. Patricks day on Wednesday the other section I entered was 'Beer Mug.' The only beer mug I have is this tiny souvenir of Ireland made by Wade. Sent to me years ago by my younger sister when she was touring Ireland and I've always loved the Irish scene pictured. No prizes for this one but I'm always pleased when something I have gets dusted and has a day out.

A welcome visitor on my verandah this morning, this very elegant Egret. I only had one chance at a photo before it flew away so this one was taken through the screen on my bedroom door. Perhaps like me the Egret is waiting for the tide to come back in. I think it must be very high tide somewhere else in the world right now.
Yes! I did have to go out with scrubbing brush and bucket of water when it flew off and clean up before Charlotte and Emily woke up and wanted to go out and stretch their legs.


  1. Hurrah, good work Ted. I like that motivation for dusting, taking something out to show off.

    Nice photo of the egret, very elegant bird.

  2. Wow what a bird ! I wonder what Arthur would do, lol ! We don't celebrate St.Patricks here in Belgium. I heard of it the first time on American blogs when I started blogging.