Sunday, March 7, 2010

Olympic Games Barbie

The one and only genuine Barbie doll I own is this souvenir from the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 bought at Kmart.
Anyone interested in Barbie dolls, not the ones from Kmart but very special Barbies and and a collection of exquisite fashion dolls should visit Tracey's new blog Dollmania's Domain at and be amazed at her collection and photography skills.
Just don't forget to come back to my Royal Collection and Cats, though I happen to know Tracey has a cat too.


  1. Your Barbies are lovely and most unusual. I must look at you friend Dollmania's as soon as I have time.

  2. What a nice Aussie Barbie, and goodness me, ten years ago already.

    Checked out Dollmania's blog, wow, what a glamourous collection.

  3. I never had a Barbie doll, that came up when I was already an adult. But anyway, it's a thing that I don't like that much.