Thursday, March 4, 2010

George VI coronation samplers

Three beautiful hand worked George VI coronation samplers. All ebay purchases and all in the 'just had to have in my collection' category and framed by me and hanging on my wall. The sampler above has a done by hand hem stitched edge and maybe could have been used as a tray cloth or made into a cushion cover. The stitching is perfect, the back looks as good as the front.
Google search on looking after old embroideries told me that there should be spacers between the embroidery and the glass so must find out more about that.
Love the faces of George and Elizabeth on this one, a tapestry worked in wool on canvas. Some stitches are worked in petit point to add detail. Have not seen the back of this one as it came mounted on board and I left it like that to frame.

Interesting sampler signed by N.C. Phillips in the bottom right hand corner. Some of the stitching around the edges where it was worked in 1 strand of thread has worn away and the sampler came in very bad condition with glue stuck to the front and a lot of discolouration. Looks good now and the rest of the stitching looks perfect.
Click on the pics to see more details. Quite a few of my George VI samplers have boats cars or planes on them and one coronation sampler I will show later has warships and planes as in 1937 there would have been talk of war as well as a coronation.

No Emily!!! this is a serious post about my sampler collection, and no I will choose my own library book to read in bed. I've told you before we don't share the same taste in books. Also you are sitting on a George VI tablecloth.
O.K I am so weak when it comes to my girls! which book am I reading tonight??


  1. LOL ~ pretty kitties always seem to get their way! :)

  2. It's amazing how many things you already found ! You would be a very good "British subject" ! lol !
    Did you know that there are two kinds of passports in the UK, the once for the born Brittish they are "British citizens" and those from Irland who are "British subjects" I saw it myself ! Cats have no respect for anything !

  3. I am fascinated to see how many different coronation samplers there are. Thank you for sharing your collection. Keep it up!