Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lunch Invitation

An invitation to lunch at friend N's house is an occasion not to be missed. The table setting is as good as the food, served in her elegant dining room so today was a real treat for me.
Lunch was chicken breast stuffed with crab and served on potato, top left hand corner is cauliflower. Delicious.

I had started to eat my pavlova with kiwi fruit and passionfruit before I remembered to take a photo. I love pavlova.

The water and the wine.

N's country kitchen where she loves to cook.

The roses in the house are from her garden, these are displayed on a glass topped table showing some of her very interesting collectables.

More pretty roses and two paintings of Australian scenes painted by N.

Another painting by N, this one a scene from her trip to Alice Springs showing 2 majestic gum trees in the foreground.
Yes N loves to cook, entertain, loves gardening and has a beautiful house and also paints. And Me?? well I like to eat and be invited out and I had a very enjoyable day. And I did help with the washing up today, and remember the sandwich I made you when you were last at my house for lunch and me trying to distract you by showing you my cats so you didn't see the weeds in the garden.
Thank for today N. it was perfect. Next time you visit me I will try different sandwich fillings.


  1. Lucky you with the lunch invite! Everything looked so yummy - especially the dessert! :)

  2. Love the pots hanging on the kitchen ceiling ! Arthur would appreciate the chicken and decorate the table ! lol !

  3. It is nice to visit friends who entertain in style. One of my friends was very good at that, but she had a stroke a year or so ago, and is not up to doing the special things that she used to. Your friend N. paints the kind of pictures that I love - 'real' pictures of real scenes, not that abstract rubbish.
    I put your idea in to practice, and have photographed all my kitty ornaments! They are on Patra's Other Place.