Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who's Running the Country?

One week since a Federal election was held and still no winner. Some people-ok maybe only me- think the Queen should visit and declare a winner. Meanwhile we Australians are an ungoverned and ungovernable rabble running amok and having fun in the sun. Standards are slipping, have a look at that chinese takeaway and bottle of wine as an example. Whatever happened to salad and a glass of water and my no alcohol policy??

You can turn around Charlotte and look at the Lake. Sea levels won't rise and there will be no Climate Change until we have politicions in power to tell us all about it.

Doesn't get much better than this. Three boys in a boat at sunset, hope they caught some fish.

My op shop buy of the day, a knitted tablecloth! whoever knitted this must have had me in mind as yellow is my favourite colour. And so life is going on in the usual way.

I'm participating in "What Did You Do This Weekend?" with Gattina at Writers Cramps.

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  1. Oh yes Charlotte ~ turn around and look at that gorgeous view! You are a lucky kitty to have a view like that. Well, hopefully a winner will be declared soon. We wouldn't want you filling up on too much wine and takeaway Chinese ~ haha! Though it does sound a little more exciting than a salad and water. :)

    xo Catherine

  2. Apparently we are sitting in the same boat, we have no government either in Belgium. They are still fighting with their language problems which is so ridiculous because it's only the politicians who have problems with that. Last time was in 2007 where the country was without government for 7 months ! I wonder how long it will last this time. But honnestly it doesn't change my life a bit, with or without them !

  3. I agree, we seem to be having a marvellous time without a government. Who needs politicians! All they need is to appoint me dictator and I will fix the world. Free cat food for all pretty cats will be a start. Not sure about free takeaway food and wine for their owners but I am always open to bribery and corruption.


  4. It looks like an Aussie brand of wine so I think your spending power will help keep the country running. More so than politicians who usually look like they are haveing a bad case of the toddler tantrums.

    The cheery looking tablecloth is a much nicer thing to focus on so I think it would be safe for Charlotte to open her eyes now and take a peep.

  5. I have a new meme for Mondays "What did you do this weekend" and wonder if you would like to join in ?