Monday, August 16, 2010

Doll Club Win and My Weekend

Won second prize in 'Old Handbag' section at Doll Club on Saturday for this beautiful hand worked petit point coronation 1953 bag. Other side of bag shows coronation procession. I have displayed both sides on an earlier post.

There are always 3 sections in the competitions at Doll Club and next month one sect. is serviette holder. I didn't have any serviette holders, not even Royal ones but found this pair of mulga wood holders at the markets yesterday so am hoping they are a prize winning pair.
Also bought the length of fabric shown, was told it was bought in Paris, it was a bargain and I will add it to my fabric stash. The 2 cat bags are another market bargain I could not resist though I did say no to the sausage sandwich and the cakes on offer.

Another section in the comp. next month is Russian nesting dolls and I'm sure my Royal set will win. Watch this space.

Third section is a 'Bear Dressed for Winter' and though I have lots of willing volunteers I don't think any of the above lot look quite good enough. Still a few weeks to go so perhaps if I knit a scarf and hat one of the above might romp home with a prize, but I've warned the bears; competition is fierce.
Emily is helping with the bear selection, she has not been well. I was only out for a couple of hours yesterday at the market, arrived home for lunch and found Emily a bit distressed with a bad case of cystitis. I have a very good Vet. nearby, open 7 days a week so was able to rush Emily in to start on a course of antibiotics. Today she is much better but a blood test showed her kidney function is not good but with a slight change of diet and careful nursing we will have a lot more time together still. The girls were 15 last February and impaired kidney funtion is not unusual in older cats

Arrived in the post today, a belated birthday gift bought for me on ebay. A coronation apron from 1953, It's made of a sort of rayon fabric and I don't dare iron it. A great addition to my Apron and Royal collrction.

Bought this for myself on my birthday last Monday and also arrived in the post today. A hand embroidered handkerchief from the coronation of EdwardVII and Alexandria in 1902. The hem is also hand stitched with very tiny stitches and it is another item I won't risk ironing, I think the fabric is silk. A very welcome addition to my small collection of EdwardVII souvenirs.


  1. Poor Emily, hope she has lots of cosy cat naps and feels better soon.

    Surely one of those cute little bears could win a prize. It's all a matter of wearing a wooly scarf in a dashing way!

  2. Congratulations on winning second prize. The beautiful bag must have needed many hours of work!
    Emily is pretty and am glad she's feeling better.

  3. I sure hope Miss Emily gets feeling better soon! Poor sweet kitty!

    The Russian nesting dolls are cute ~ good luck on winning ~ how can you not with those! :)

    Have a lovely week!
    xo Catherine

  4. Bears hibernate in winter. All Teddy needs is a pair of pyjamas and a hot water bottle.

    Best wished to Emily for a speedy recovery.


  5. The kidneys ! that's the weakest point with cats ! Hope Emily gets better soon, but the antiobiotics will help.
    I spent yesterday the day in London and found it changed very much (noticed it already last year) there are construction works going on everywhere and the traffic became a real mess lots of roads are closed. The prices went up and I didn't buy a single thing because I find the same here ! But it was nice to walk and drive around (by bus) and smell the "good" London air. Lots of tourists !!

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