Friday, August 20, 2010

Charlotte Emily Election Advice

Charlotte, tomorrow is a very important day for Australia. A Federal election is being held and voting is compulsory, so would you like to say a few words to the voters in blog land and tell us which political party you will be voting for?
Oh! really, that candidate-well I think that's a very wise decision and I might follow your advice. Let's head to the polling booth early. NO, vote early, vote often is a joke we won't really do that. You are right Charlotte, no election promises have been made for better health and dental care for cats and nothing mentioned about more education for kittens.

Who will you vote for Emily?
NO!! not the donkey, there isn't really a donkey running for office. I explained the donkey vote to you yesterday and it is only called a donkey vote if you mess up your vote at the ballot box.
Yes we do love donkeys, we just don't know any and we are sad we have no donkey friends.
One last question for you Emily; do you think William and Kate will marry soon???

We are sad too about this article in this weeks International Express, but Emily we don't have space to give all the homeless donkeys a home.

Do you have any more comments for the roving reporter when you have finished your drink Emily? may we come back for your insights on the winning political party? I'm sure you will have more to say then, even if the donkey doesn't win.

Thank you for your insightful and intelligent comments Charlotte, I can see you have had enough for today.


  1. Haha! Such a fun post! Hmmm... I wonder what life would be like if kitties ran the world. Well... they pretty much rule the house don't they so that should give us a clue. :)

    Have a terrific weekend girls!
    xo Catherine

  2. thank you for stopping by my site...I always enjoy hearing from you....have a great day

  3. Ooh, the donkey vote, way too cute to resist. Thanks for the good advice girls.

  4. Hahaha ! I think you can vote for whoever you want to they all will promise you a lot of treats and then you just get the same as before or even less !