Monday, August 9, 2010

EdwardVII Coronation and ME ME

Big day for me. Today is my birthday, my 150th post and the anniversary of the Coronation in 1902 of Edward VII. The cake has to double as birthday and celebration cake for 150 posts, my age being somewhere between the number of candles and the 150, any more candles might have set off the smoke alarm. Have had a wonderful day celebrating and was able to meet my two children in Sydney for lunch. Son D. is a shift worker and today was his day off. My gift from him and partner T. was the book about London, a very interesting book about the history of London from Roman times to the present day. A perfect gift for me as I am such an Anglophile.
Another perfect gift from daughter S. and family is this book about a London family. First published in 1933 then reprinted in the 1970's I read it years ago but was never able to find another copy. Thanks to the internet and clever S. I can now reread it. Do a google search on the author, she is very interesting. Enough about me and back to the Royals. I bought this plate on ebay and is the only souvenir I have of EdwardVII with the wrong date. The coronation was set for 26th June but 2 days before the King become ill with appendicitis and the coronation took place on my birthday 9thAugust 1902. ( no I was born later)

A very pretty pink lustre tea pot from 1902 decorated with Edward and Alexandra.

I bought the coronation saucer then rembered I had a pretty cup I had bought months ago even though it had a crack I was going to do something clever with the cup, perhaps a candle or pincushion in it, but it matches the saucer so well they are almost made for each other.
The wording on the saucer reads 'Coronation year 1902 Edward and Alexandra King and Queen of the British Empire'.

Two souvenir plates from 1902. Alexandra's plate has been broken in half and badly mended at some time in its long life. Edward only had a short reign and died in 1910 aged 68.


  1. Happy Birthday!!

    Love the cup and saucer, as you say they were made for each other. As instructed will look up Ethel Mannin - the name is familiar.


  2. Wow ! Congratulations, 150 years, old, 150 years coronation day and the 150th post! I think you can apply for the Guiness book of Record ! lol !
    Tomorrow I'll go to the English coast I am so happy !! I'll post from there then.

  3. A very Happy Birthday to you.

    Old Edward had to wait a long time to be King, like Charles perhaps.

  4. Happy Birthday and congratulations on your 150th post!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and enjoy the full month. Celebrate everyday.

  6. Congrats on the 150th post and am glad you enjoyed your Birthday and the books. Love that cup and saucer and agree they were made for each other. Love that pink teapot too. I always enjoy looking at your collection when I come to visit.