Friday, August 6, 2010

King GeorgeVI Cushions

Arrived today from a very generous blogger friend Gina in Victoria, this hand embroidered cushion cover from the coronation of George VI. I think it's too good to be a cushion cover and think I might frame it. It will be framed as is so it can revert to a cover if need be. Thank you so much Gina at I am thrilled with the cushion cover. Pictured below is another hand embroidered cushion cover I have in my collection. This one has been framed but can still be a cover if I change my mind.

This one below came as a tapestry/fabric panel and I made it into a cushion, can't think why I didn't frame this one, lack of wall space perhaps???

A cushion cover waiting to be embroidered, hopefully in my lifetime; join the queue George...The embroidery has been started by someone at sometime, wish they had finished it, they gave up too soon.
Cushion cover below is a velour/velvet type fabric and the only one showing GeorgeVI and Elizabeth, but look closely and you will notice the cushion is mirror reverse to all other King G photos etc. The Kings medals are on the wrong side of his chest!!!!

I have shown 2 of the cushions before but this time they are on display without my beautiful Charlotte sitting on them and being a distraction, I'm doing this post while both cats are asleep.


  1. The embroidered cushion cover is lovely and it would be very nice displayed in a frame. Especially if Charlotte goes around sitting all over these royal cushions!

  2. I see love and devotion in these lovely needlework!

  3. I am so pleased this cushion cover has a new home where it will be much more appreciated! Australia Post has excelled itself this week, hasn't it Sylvia? We both received our goodies within 24 hours of them being posted!

  4. Wow, that's a real antique ! Never noticed that Queen Elisabeth has the same eyes as her father !

  5. thank you for stopping by my site...your work is so beautiful...