Monday, August 23, 2010

Weak Weekend

Well the election is now over and we have a hung Parliment. Emily refused to appear on camera and Charlotte only had one comment to make when I interupted her sleep in the sun. "We live in interesting times" I don't think that quote is original Charlotte but it does fit the times we are in. I arrived at the local school at 9am to cast my vote and found a very long non moving queue, stood for about 30 sec. in the strong cold August wind and left thinking I would come back after I had been to the shops. Already feeling a bit down because I had to go back and vote went into BigW to buy vacum cleaner bags and instead~feeling in a bad mood~cheered myself up buying a C.D and a book, then at another shop found stickers with crowns on-perfect. Forgot the vac. bags and had to go back for them. Drove past the school on the way home,still a long queue and I needed a cup of tea so home for lunch. One of the songs on the C.D is The Village People singing Y.M.C.A and I'm sure no one can stay down for long listening to that, so much cheered, I danced around the kitchen eating my sandwich and the mini chocolate cheesecakes-yes all of them. Should have sat down to eat the sandwich though as it contained a slice of tomato which promptly fell out onto my pink top so when I went out again to vote had to cover tom. stain with cleverly arranged scarf. 1pm found me back at the school to vote, the wind had dropped and the much smaller queue was now in the sun. Things that annoyed me in the queue, I have low tolerance for queueing!
1. People in front of me who didn't move up with the queue making me wonder if they are in the queue at all or just standing about having a chat.....
2. The woman behind me who kept sniffing. didn't she have a tissue? or even-dare I say it-a pretty,nicely ironed hanky in her pocket!!!! Kept my queue rage under control by thinking of my new purchases. Sunday was a perfect winter day, lots of sun and no wind. Went to the markets and my only buy was the Charles and Diana tin, the one in front, to add to my tin collection. Oh and this time I didn't say No to the sausage sandwich and cake so bought them too.
To sum up my weekend I was weak willed and spent too much and ate too much but enjoyed my self and have already finished the book I bought.


  1. That's an interestingly busy weekend for you. :)

  2. Ah, a cleverly arranged scarf is always good for hiding stains. And listening to sniffing at close range can be nauseating.

    Charlotte looks like she found a lovely spot to stay away from that awful wind and those nasty queues.

  3. Goodness ~ quite the weekend you had. I bet the mini-cheesecakes were good. I totally would have eaten all of them too. After all, they are mini! :)

    xo Catherine

  4. the only way to shorten queuing up is chatting, that's what I do, lol ! I hate it too. I learned that you HAVE to vote in Australia, just like in Belgium too. I think these are the only countries in the world who have to vote. That's not a good thing in my opinion. Lots of people just put "shit" on their vote or nothing.
    Your post would have been perfect for my new monday meme "What did you do this Weekend ?"
    Example here