Sunday, February 14, 2010

Doll, Bear and Cats

Happy Valentine Day. The theme at doll club yesterday was pink and I won the raffle prize pictured above, chosen from a selection of prizes because of the fluffy cat.
The competition section I entered was 'Doll Wearing Glasses' so bought my old vinyl 'Patsy' doll a pair of specs and gave her some wool and needles to hold, didn't win but Patsy got an outing after all these years. Patsy is a Palitoy, Made in England doll and was a Christmas gift I received when I was about 14. Her crochet dress and head band were bought at doll club trade table last year.

Yesterday's purchase was the pretty green dress the bear on the left is wearing and was made by one of the clever club members. Next months club theme is green for St Patricks day and though the dress is not emerald green I think if I make you a smart hat to add to the dress Ted you just might do for the 'bear wearing green' section.

Below is Ted before the green dress, all my bears have to be a bit androgynous and dress in whatever my latest FIND is. I do like you in the blue suit Ted but now the green dress is my new favourite.
While on the subject of bears had to show a recent purchase, not strictly a royal bear, the one above is a Gund Canterbury bear. A limited edition bear made in 1993 (the 40th anniversary of the Queen's coronation) and is named Elizabeth and that's close enough for me.

Charlotte and Emily must have a mention here and so they are posing as bookend cats which they often do.

Are you going to do anything about those ducks on your property Charlotte? You are looking a bit annoyed there.

Any of these pics. can clicked on to enlarge, was experimenting a bit, not sure it worked but there is always next time!


  1. Well it's nice you won even if it wasn't for your doll. Perhaps next time. Or could the cats enter? I'm sure they would win something.

  2. Congratulations on winning the cute kitty! Your bear collection is so sweet ~ and of course Charlotte & Emily are the most perfect bookends ever! :) You are so lucky to have ducks that visit...though perhaps your kitty cats don't agree! LOL Have a wonderful day!

  3. As always when I´m here my comment dissapeared....
    So I have to write it new.
    your doll looks cute with the yellow knitted dress.I also love the knitted bear dress very much.
    Your dolls and bears are sweet.
    Emily and Charlotte looks cute on the pink cat bed.
    Congrats on your cute win!
    Our cats would try to chase the ducks there.... I think!

  4. I´m sure Luzie and Luna would try to catch the ducks. Maybe Olli would be a little afraid if they start to quak.
    I told you something to the bear and doll in the former comment.
    *Happy Tuesday*

  5. The doll and your Teddy bears are so sweet ! The one you won looks like "Hello Kitty" I bought myself one 3 months ago, I couldn't resist and it sits on my bed now with other stuffed cats plus the real once of course :) !