Friday, February 26, 2010

Coronation Jugs

This interesting Coronation jug is my latest ebay purchase from the U.K, one of those had to have in my collection items as I have never seen one like it before. Made for the Queen's Coronation in 1953 it's not a very good likeness of the Queen but I love it anyway. Have not been brave enough to look at ebay since the jug's arrival a few weeks ago as there might be more 'must have' items and my 2 cats DO insist on being fed.

The back of the jug looks good too.

On the base of the jug is the story of the Coronation chair. I have seen the chair in Westminster Abbey, sadly the Queen was not sitting in it and I couldn't either as it was roped off.

Jugs from the 1910 Coronation of GeorgeV and Queen Mary. I think all these jugs are so pretty and they speak for themselves so not much more I can say.

Side view of the jugs.

Enamel Ware jug made in Australia by Metters for the 1953 coronation. There are a few of these around at varying prices and conditions and mine only has one small chip on the rim.

GeorgeV small jug with matching not to scale cheese dish. The cheese dish has been broken and very badly mended at some time in it's 100yr life.
Jug and dish are signed Russell and Sons and have Gemma and a small crown on the base.
The other jug is King GeorgeVI made by Royal Winton and has the #163 on the base. Not sure if that means Ltd Edition or not

Coronation jug for EdwardVIII, released for sale and bought before his abdication. I'm lucky enough to have a few souvenirs for royal events that never happened. This one an ebay purchase in Australia.

The back of the jug.

Not a Coronation jug, this character jug was released for the Queen's 80th birthday in 2006. Made by Royal Doulton it is hand made and hand painted.
BUT it is made in Thailand and I bought it new from a shop in Sydney on the eve of a long trip. When I arrived home I noticed that the Queen has BROWN EYES. Was immediately on the phone to the shop and email to Royal Doulton U.K who promised a refund or blue eyed replacement. No blue eyes found, didn't want a refund as I would be left with no jug at all. I believe a terrible mistake was made in Thailand, no one noticed and there are NO blues and if I keep jug for a couple of hundred years it will be worth a fortune. YES?
Anyway I do love the Corgi on the handle, best part of the jug.

Who can leave an antique fair or market without buying SOMETHING? so these little jugs are from a 'not the royal collection' collection. Starting on the left is a koala, kookaburra and cockatoo.
More jugs another day as I DO have more but Emily is stretched out on the floor waiting to be brushed.


  1. Wow, what a collection. Rather like the one of Queen Mary, they've managed to capture her solid curly hairdo well.

    Also that cockatoo jug is a cutie.

  2. How very odd it would be to see oneself made into a jug.

    Still, I suppose the Queen may be used to it.