Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Belated Birthday Gift

Charlotte and Emily received a birthday gift in the post, a brown paper package tied up with string (reminds me of a song) and addressed to them, so exciting. Sure to be something good as it's from their Aunt M and cousin, the beautiful Russian Blue Galina.
Charlotte's tongue is out in anticipation, quick Emily open it!

Charlotte is trying to contain her excitement and have a think about what exactly she has. Girls, if you don't want the fancy box with red ribbon can I have it??

Emily thinks whatever it is could be o.k as it does match her fur.

Have a sleep girls and a think about your gift. Things always look better in the morning and don't forget a big THANK YOU to M and Galina XX


  1. I agree, it certainly matches her fur, lol ! Tell both of them to kiss the mice maybe they come to life then, you never know or the cat prince jumps out.

  2. A lovely birthday present for the girls, how exciting. Although going by the last photo Charlotte and Emily do seem to find their fluffy mice quite restful!

  3. I love the photo with their heads both averted.
    They certainly showed an interest in the parcel.