Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Charles and Diana Engagement Anniversary

Today is the 29th Anniversary of the Engagement of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer and no Diana collection would be complete without a replica of that famous ring and this is the one I have on display. Diana's ring had one sapphire and fourteen diamonds so you can see mine is not the real one but close enough for me.
This very pretty charm bracelet is also an engagement souvenir complete with initials C and D.
The tea towel pictured below is the only engagement souvenir I have wth the actual date shown. Charles looks a bit grim but that is just a fold in the cloth and Diana is not wearing that blue suit she wears on so many souvenirs.

Lots of jewellery was made for the wedding and here is a necklace. I do sometimes wear these pieces and one day I will do a post only for royal jewellery.

A poster I have on the wall in my Diana room, here she is wearing the blue and white suit.

My kitchen cannisters and drinks tray and there is that suit again, I think most photos were taken on stairs so Charles could look a bit taller.

I have a lot of small souenirs and these are 2 handbag mirrors, a pill box and 2 wedding badges

Below is that chair (see earlier post) brought back to life. Now painted a very pale pink and covered with the Charles and Diana wedding fabric. Click on the pic for a better look. The seat was easy to do with my trusty staple gun but the back a lot more difficult and one day (perhaps) I might redo it. still have lots of the fabric left for another project.

The day after the engagement was announced I booked my flight and hotel room for the July wedding and what an event that was. I think my family have forgiven me for abandoning them for a couple of weeks in 1981 and for many Royal events since.


  1. OMG Sylvia, I have never known anybody to have as much royal memorabilia as you! Have you ever been on The Collectors tv. show? You sure deserve to be - your collection is fabulous. People have told me I should go on the show with my linen collection, and I did submit an application once, but they obviously weren't interested. Anyway, I would rather not have people know just how much I've got here, as word can get around and if someone wants to get nasty...Yes, I've got a horrible suspicious mind, but when you hear in the media what some people do, I think I'll just keep quiet about my linens!

  2. OMG ! almost 30 years ! and I remember this event as if it had been yesterday ! I also had made a ring like this, I had a blue saphir a friend had bought for me in Thailand for almost nothing. I had a replica made with this blue saphir in the middle and zircons around. We had ordered it in Italy during our holidays. At that time gold and work was much cheaper there than in Belgium. Of course I still have the ring !

  3. You have such fun stuff! It truly does seem just a short time ago when Charles and Diana got married. How time flys...

  4. I love your collection! I have that tea towel. My Mom found a framed one in an antique shop. Can't believe it's been that long ago. I am a new reader and have been enjoying you blog.

  5. Sylvia, that chair is just a magnificent transformation! You certainly don't have to redo the back (even on the enlargement). And I love your canisters.

  6. Very nice collection.I have two spoons from the Royal wedding 1981.And they are a tresure today!

  7. Love love love your collection! I have started collecting Charles and Di things, I have become obsessed! I am so jealous of you!!! I have a tattoo booked for september, I am getting the engagment picture on my inner arm! Is that too crazy? Haha! Who cares its so much fun! Keep collecting and keep posting, lots of love from Worcester, England! LSB