Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday Girls

Charlotte and Emily are 15 years old today.They are sisters from the same litter and here they share the secret of looking so young and being so active.
Always start the day with a long sleep in a comfy bed.
Fresh air and walking up steps is good excersice.

Here the girls are playing with their birthday gift. That's good news for me as so many past gifts have been ignored.

Those steps can be exhausting so always best to relax after a workout and playing with new toys.
Charlotte and Emily you give me so much pleasure I hope we have many more years together.

Sorry to hijack your birthday post girls but I had to show this.
Look carefully at the soap dish on a shelf in my bathroom. There are LEGS showing each side. The spider was there for about 30 hours and then dissapeared. Oh well: out of sight out of mind.

And here is a cicada on my screen door this morning, lucky for me on the outside. Their screeching has been very loud lately but I rarely see one.


  1. A very happy birthday to the girls ! They look great indeed, even without face lifting ! We would be 75 years old ! That spider must have been enormous ! Fortunately my cat Pookie takes care of spiders, she loves to play with them and eats them ! Yikes !
    Rosie is each day better ! Everything "works" again with her !

  2. Happy Birthday Charlotte and Emily. Looks like the girls enjoyed their day. Hope that spider has gone for good.

  3. What beautiful birthday girls ~ I can't believe they are 15 years old. They don't look it! I hope they both have a great day today.

    That spider behind your soap dish makes my head itchy thinking about it. How have you been brave enough to let it stay in your house? I think I would be getting a big shoe and squishing it! Blah! At least the next bug is on the outside of your house! :)

  4. Happy birthday Charlotte and Emily, you look lovely today.
    Eek, hope the spider is gone for good.

  5. A happy happy birthday to the beautiful sisters!
    You looks very good and young!
    We hope you have a great day!
    Oh you have a lot of insects there. What a huge spider eeeeeek.
    I saw cicadas in Italy and Spain once and remember that they have a very loud voice.

  6. The girls look lovely and what a beaut place to -play,(up and down the steps) So pleased they appreciated there birthday gift. I've just given away a tunnel I bought for Galina many months ago. Never used. One consolation it is being well used now.
    Your girls have some excuse for going back to bed and I must say it looks tempting.
    A beautiful cicada, you must have a good camera not to mention the operator.