Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spider's Demise

Went to clean my teeth last night and IT had reappeared and was waiting behind the door for me. Brushing my teeth is becoming much too hazardous. Thought right, I can deal with this, got a bucket of water and a broom. The plan was knock spider into bucket, throw bucket outside and collect empty bucket next day. Well as soon as I touched spider with broom he ran up the handle very fast and I dropped broom before he reached my hand.
Spider ended up on edge of basin. Next plan: time for the vacum cleaner. Charlotte does not like the vacum and wondered why I was getting it out at 9.30pm. With Charlotte safely in the wardrobe (Emily looked slightly annoyed but stayed on the bed) I tried to suck the spider up. BUT he was too big, outran the vacum and ran up the wall.

Here he is, you can just see a glimpse of legs behind the Charle's and Diana towel displayed on the wall.

I gave up, went to bed exhausted and Charlotte came out of the wardrobe.
This was sight that greeted me this morning. Double spiders, not a good photo but he was posed next to the mirror to multiply my trauma.
But he underestimated me, this morning I was braver and smarter and had a 2 pronged plan of attack.
First the vacum at the ready (and Charlotte back in the wardrobe) then a couple of squirts of insect spray and while he was disabled and legs folded THEN the vacum cleaner and he is no more. A bit sad to see such a perfect speciman go but we couldn't live together.
There will be no more spider posts now I have such a perfect plan, they will be gone too soon. I just need a bit more courage to bring the vacum back inside, but the good news is the bathroom then got a good clean and I washed all the towels.

As if I wasn't traumatised enough last night, I was almost asleep when there was a terrific crash in the house. This is a large pure silk wall hanging from Liberty's London to celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee. I bought it from a market already professionally mounted on stiff cardboard and I stuck it on the wall up near the ceiling with those sticky things that are advertised 'holds strongly, comes off cleanly'. Well it has been so humid here I think the board buckled, the sticky things didn't hold and it simply fell off. I was very lucky nothing was broken as it came down.
I am hoping for a more peaceful night tonight, I have some good books to read and Charlotte and Emily like me to remain calm.


  1. GAAAAKKK!!!!!! OMG ~ I can't believe that spider was so big that it couldn't be sucked up by the vacuum! Blah!!! Eeee!! So glad it's finally out of your house. You are a brave woman indeed!!!

    Hope you have a restful night tonight ~ no falling pictures no spiders! :)

  2. Wow ! you have eventful nights ! I couldn't even take a picture of this giant spider, yikes ! and it dared to hide behind Diana & Charles towel, that's lese majesty ! Happy that you and the cats survived !

  3. What a lot of drama has been going on at your place. Glad you were victorious in the battle with the spider. With your new technique you should be safe from other spiders in the future.

    I was always suspicious of those "removable" sticky hooks. You have saved my money (and my walls) and I will not be buying any. Thought they were too good to be true!

  4. I can't stop laughing - sorry for my lack of empathy, I do appreciate your predicament.
    What I'd like to know is what happens when it comes time to empty your vacuum?

    You can't complain about your sticky thing - it did fulfill one claim, "it came off cleanly". Very pleased to hear the Queen's Silver Jubilee hanging came to no harm. Was admiring it before I read of your terrible night.

    What is Charlotte doing in the wardrobe, that was Emil's perogative?

  5. Ah. That does look like a strapping spider!