Monday, February 1, 2010

Charles and Camilla

Souvenirs from Charles and Camilla's wedding. The first one I have is this replica of Camilla's engagement ring made by Asda stores in the U.K. The original ring belonged to the Queen Mother. The ring cost me 19G.B.P and was to be released the day of the wedding but was released early and sold out. Well I was on the phone to Asda immediately and in my broadest Aussie accent crying 'but i came all this way to get one etc. etc' and they found me a ring. I could have had a more upmarket version for 30,000G.B.P but I am happy with this one, and I did not have a spare 30,000. I went to C and C's wedding as I did for Charles and Diana, I only had to stand at Windsor for 4 hours as against 24 hours in the Mall for C and D in 1981.
I was not going to cheer and wave in 2005, just look a bit disapproving but I got carried away and cheered and waved as I always do at royal events.
Saw some very expensive Made in Germany C and C engagement bears on ebay, thought well I can do that so here is my version. Camilla's dress was easy to make but the dinner suit I bought at a Bear Shop as I thought it might be a bit difficult to make. I only had to add the red collar and cuffs. Check the last pic. on this post for authenticity of their clothes. Camilla is wearing underwear with cats on and cat earings but don't tell anyone.

My Charles and Camilla clock.

Two badges I bought in 2005. The one on the left refers to the fact that the Queen did not attend the civil ceremony at Windsor Guildhall. Badge on the right speaks for itself.

Jigsaw puzzle, plate, mug and thimble from the wedding. Because the Pope died and the Wedding had to be postponed for a day a lot of souvenirs have the wrong date of 8th April. The wedding took place on the 9th and only the mug has the correct date.

Apron, shopping bag and teatowel souvenirs. Only the teatowel has the correct date. I was very lucky the wedding was held only one day late as I had to fly home two days later. The flags were free giveaways with newspapers, the one on the left has the correct date posted over the old date.


  1. My darling I popped in to wish you a love filled February full of blessings.

    Love & Hugs

  2. I gather you don't approve of Camilla! So be it, but I do think those two badges are really horrid. Cruel and nasty in fact. If Charles wanted to marry Camilla, it is their business, and if people can't say good luck and happiness, they shouldn't say anything at all. Imagine if it was your wedding? How would you feel if you saw people wearing those badges?

  3. I stumbled upon your blog, through Rose Tea Cottage, the Duchess's blog. I am a new blogger and very excited about the blogging experience. I am honored to have found your fantastic blog.

    Hetty xx