Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another spider ordeal

Can't believe it's happened again. Same place. Was cleaning my teeth and thinking about the library book on my bedside table and happened to glance in the mirror and there it was and still is. A huge and perfect specimen that I will have to deal with. The weather has been so hot and very humid all day so all these nasties come out, and don't even mention cockroaches (O.K I won't). This spider is about 4inches across, too big to be sucked up the vacum cleaner and I think I would need a couple of cans of spray to finish him off. At the moment I am keeping vigil and dreaming of moving somewhere like Alaska-too cold for spiders I think. Or maybe having the bathroom door bricked up and sealing this spider inside.
Charlotte's reaction when told of my terror.

Emily refuses to come out and look and I want to crawl in that nest with her. By the way Emily that sheet was put over the Diana Quilt for you to lay on, not climb underneath.

The library book I had hoped to start and have now gone off. The suspense of waiting for the spider's next move is more than enough to keep me awake. Wonder if it is too late to order a load of bricks and a tradesman.


  1. Oh my gosh ~ that spider is so yucky!!! It doesn't look like your kitties are much help. Too funny!

    Yup...I think moving is your only option...

  2. Yikes, that's an awfully big spider ! I should send you Pookie she is the spider hunter in this house. When I detect a spider I lock Pookie in the same room, then I hear bing bang and when I open the door, Pookie leaks her mouth !
    Rosie doesn't have diabetes fortunately, and I am very happy because today she ate a little of her own ! I hope it's getting better and better !
    I admire Charlottes philosophy !

  3. Oh that is very funny! Poor you of course, you thought you had dealt with the spider situation. The cats look like they know what to do.

  4. Don't forget, you are never more than eight feet away from the nearest spider!

  5. I am guessing that the spiders in your area are fond of the British memorabilia you have and are merely emjoying all of your treasures :)
    I suggest using the long as it has good suction you're spider will be gone. 'Course, I suggest emptying the bag/canister right never know how tough some spiders might be!

  6. Oh Sylvia, you poor thing! I don't mind spiders, but my MIL and one of my friends are terrified of them. Don't you have any big strong Aussie males living nearby who would get rid of your spider? I agree with Tina, a good vacuum will suck him up, but you'd have to throw away the bag and all, so I hope you have paper vac. bags.